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Brief Info

Being a small group, we are constantly looking for more people and talents to be part of our team. If you have the skills, knowledge or is interested to help out, do contact us via email or our IRC Channel.

A list of open positions can be found below, but even if the position is not listed or open, feel free to contact us still.

Open Positions


Translators are an ever important role in the fan subbing sence, without a translator, no work can begin.

If you are fluent in japanese, do help us out as a translator. Don't worry about your english, the editors will be glad to solve it.


We are currently lacking an experience typesetter in the team, and we are hoping to fill up that gap and add more quality into our releases and future projects.

If you are an experience typesetter be it .ass or .ssa, do help us out.


Timer is yet another important important role in the fan subbing sence. Without one, even having translated subtittles means nothing.

We are looking for timers who are able to time fast with great accuracy.


A great encoder means a great encode, and a great encode means a great release. Here at Suteki-Yume, we care a lot about quality and video quality is one of the many key targets.

Experienced encoders only, the max file size for an average 22mins episode should not exceed 232mb. *If you are able to produce the same or better quality encode while maintaining a smaller filesize, it is a really big plus.

Raw Providers

Raw refers to unsubbed video files, simply put, it is a capture of the anime telecast in japan. In order to keep the projects going, a constant source of raw is required.

If you are a raw hunter or collector, be it winny / share / other sources, please help us out. *If you are able to find raws for classic or older anime tittles, it is a really big plus.

Or if you are a Japan DVD collector, which means you import R2 DVDs from Japan. We really want you! However, do note that you might have to upload vob files as big as 4.9GB.

XDCC Bots Providers

Fast and easy downloads are becoming a hit in the internet world and IRC file transfers is one of the many trends. The bots in IRC channels which provides files download are called XDCC Bots.

If you have a high upload connection, as much as 3Mbit (360kB/s) per sec, and can spare those bandwidth to help us spread our releases and joy to the anime fans out there, do help us out.

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