Bit Late

Well i'm silly, 28,29 & 30 have been done since August.

I'll be releasing 1 a week every wednesday.

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impact ~ 27 Jan 2009

Wow Its Been A Year

Well working 50 hours a week and playing the Game called WOW really makes time fly.

I was Given the job by Holyangel to finish Gundam X Like 2 Years back and i hope to do it. I have all the old translation and the raws was hoping to get the new trans from kelphas but have yet to see him.

I will Dig up the stuff and hope to have a realse within two weeks. Not many eps left so should go quick.

Note: I Deleted the whole forums by mistake Tryng to block those spam bots. I know only three people or so come here but thats just to let you know.

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impact ~ 18 Jan 2009

Happy New Year

Well we didn't do much last year but thats becaue there isn't much of us. We will finish this year

On a side note drink lots and sleep lots.

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impact ~ 01 Jan 2008

Trackers up

Took long enough but the tracker is up and all the old torrents now use it and are getting reseeded.

Setting up the auto seed was what took the time becase the serverr had no disc space Thats all fixed now, so head on over to the torrent page for the files.

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impact ~ 10 Jul 2007

Down Time

Sorry about that the host went walkies and so did the design but i managed to find all the stuff so all is good =)

On another note hope you all had a good xmas and a new release soon now i fixed all this only forums left

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impact ~ 26 Dec 2006

A Brand New Look!

A long time ago, we mention something about a new look which we somehow didn't get around to it. But today, I am glad to say that Suki Version 2 is finally done

We hope that you enjoy the the new look, and feel free to post any comments. Site displays best on Firefox, 1024 x 768 or higher resolution.

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holyAngelX ~ 18 Aug 2005

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