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'Ello. El translator here.

Short version: GX 26 is gonna be delayed. Not like we have a set schedule or anything, but this one is certifiably my blunder.

Long version: I'd finished the translations (not timing, typesetting, or encoding) up to 34 or so, and was gleefully copy & pasting into what I'd thought was the sub file for 27. Hah... I'd opened the sub file for 26 and forgot to do the "Save As..." dance. Nope, no backups, as Aegisub thought I was actually working on episode 26 (they haven't come up with software that can read my mind yet). You can imagine the "D'oh!" and "Aww crap!" montages from the Simpsons going through my head.

So after much frustrated grumbling, I restarted the whole process for 26 (except for the OP/ED... those were done already). I'm about halfway done there, and that's the current state of the series.

thx for the update

26 and 27 in the upload queue.

If Impact approves, y'all will have a nice surprise in both episodes.

, I can't wait

eps 26 and 27 are out
Don't forget to report this news on baka-updates


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