• Gundam X 30
  • Time for 29
  • Gundam X 28
  • Gundam X 26 & 27
Gundam X 30

I Delayed this for an easter release. Enjoy Gundam X 30

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impact ~ 12 Apr 2009

Time for 29

Well its 1am but i got it out as close to a Wednesday as i could.

Download it from the torrent Page

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impact ~ 12 Feb 2009

Gundam X 28

Finally GX 28. Get it here

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impact ~ 29 Jan 2009

Gundam X 26 & 27

Well there out on irc with the extra feature i talked about last post. I'm trying to set up my own tracker so the torrents will be out later sorry about the delay.

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impact ~ 27 Jun 2007

New Stuff

Man has it been four months already time flies when you have finals and project to do.

We have some releases coming but both our trackers are down at the moment. I emailed their admins and hope to have something sorted by this weekend for the new resleases.

Also kephas has given us something special this time round so be sure to thank him when you see the releases.

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impact ~ 23 Jun 2007

More Music

This time its the Second opening and Ending from Gundam X. I hope all the names are right because for the ending i only had the name in kanji so i went for a direct translation.

So enjoy these releases in flac.

Openeing 02 Resolution
Ending 02 Giniro Horizon

I fixed the issue with the Episode 21 torrent as well all thats needed is for the torrent to be re-downloaded.

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impact ~ 23 Feb 2007

Gundam X 25!!!

Well its out later than I want but that's life for you. And for all those that read this if you ever get set work do it in advanced not at the last minute

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impact ~ 01 Feb 2007

Gundam X 11 - 20 Batch

I've finally got around to batching together episodes 11 - 20 so if your on a slow seed for a single episode jump on this one.

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impact ~ 27 Dec 2006

Gundam X 12!! Surf!!

After a long wait, GX 12 is finally ready for release ^_^ Much apologise again as always, but no matter how long it takes, a release is always waiting for sure hehe. Until of course, we reach the end of the GX series haha.

Well, grab it now on bittorrent and be part of the GX excitment once again!!

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holyAngelX ~ 31 Aug 2005

Ragnarok 05

Another Ragnarok Release within the same month is here

Please Enjoy

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impact ~ 30 Aug 2005

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